Obama: Government shutdown over health care ‘a bad idea’

How Health Insurance Reform Affects You

Health Insurance Medical Benefits 2

Oct. 1 is the deadline for establishing health care exchanges in all 50 states. SHARE 440 CONNECT 29 TWEET 133 COMMENTEMAILMORE WASHINGTON President Obama on Friday called a GOP effort to repeal his signature health care law an “ideological fixation” but stopped short of saying how he would react to Republican threats to shut down the government over the issue. The comments, which he delivered at a news conference where he touched on a broad range of issues, come ahead of what is expected to be a difficult budget battle with Congress and a possible government shutdown as Republicans again attempt to repeal Obama’s health care law by defunding it.
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As Lawmakers Roam Their Home Territory, Health Law Arguments Simmer

Otherwise, the business has to pay a monthly penalty of $166.66 multiplied by the number of full-time employees minus the first 30 full-time employees during that month. Employers who offer their employees coverage but do not meet certain tests for affordability and plan design will pay a $3,000 annual fee $250 monthly penalty for each full-time employee who enrolls in coverage on the public marketplace and receives an income-based subsidy for such coverage. For employers with fewer than 50 full-time employees, they do not have the same requirements next year. In fact, they may have more options and control over their health insurance spending through the Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP. How much will it cost the government to implement the health reform?
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Health Screenings You Need If You’re 50+

The packets reflect the parties philosophies about the law. Republicans see it as a massive job killer that will wreak havoc with the nations health care system. Democrats say the law will bring affordable, comprehensive health insurance to millions of Americans who dont have it and improve coverage for those who do. The House Republican recess packet offers an array of tips, such as have a conversation with a health care provider, tour a local hospital or clinic to get the local, real-world detriments of the law. GOP members are also advised to meet with millennials, young people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, about the health laws ongoing and impending consequences. A pocket card given to Senate Republicans highlights the Obamacare Sinking Ship, citing the Obama administrations decision to postpone for one year a requirement that most employers with 50 workers or more provide coverage or pay a fine. They also note opinion polls that show support for the law has weakened among moderate and conservative Democrats and complaints from some unions that the health law will weaken workers benefits packages. Materials distributed to Democrats highlight the laws provisions that are helping seniors save on prescription drugs and many preventive care services that now require no cost sharing. Democrats are also urged to highlight that, starting in January, insurers cant deny coverage of pre-existing medical conditions and to promote the laws online marketplaces, or exchanges , that are scheduled to be up and running Oct. 1.
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Prostate Exam How often do you need it: Baseline reading at 50, then talk to your doctor. What you should know: The prostate is a walnut-sized gland near the bladder that is essential for reproduction. Prostate cancer can affect your urinary and bowel function as well as fertility. There’s some controversy about the most-effective frequency of prostate checks. Many physicians suggest getting a baseline check at age 40, while others such as The American Cancer Society, suggest that health-care professionals should discuss the pros and cons of early-detection prostate-cancer testing with men and offer annual testing, starting at age 50. African-American men and those with a family history of prostate cancer should discuss screening at age 45.
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