How to heal your digestive system of damage from GMO foods (Video)

Digestion Foods: The Best And Worst Foods For Your Digestive System

Then changed over to a more organic and natural diet that does not include foods such as processed foods, refined foods, prepackaged foods and foods that are high in gluten, just to name a few, and then started using kefir as a daily medicine to heal, your healing processed would be successful. Of course this would take time. But Kefir is so high in pro-biotics that you would not only be healing your gut from the damage but you would also be building your bodies defenses, immune system against illnesses and other medical issues that plague most of the US these days. A high percentage of what American’s eat is what is the cause of the illnesses we see today. The only way to change this is to quit eating what we eat and change our diets. Pills never healed anything and never will, all they do is mask the problem and usually create more issues.
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However, even nutrients that aren’t readily absorbed by the body can be healthy — fiber, for instance, helps to ensure regular bowel movements. Fiber is the “Roto-Rooter, the Drano, of the digestive system,” King says, though she notes that it is possible to have too much. People should generally have between 20 to 30 grams of fiber each day, which is the amount in five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables and about four to five servings of whole grains. The body is designed to digest many types of foods, but everyone is different in that some foods may trigger digestion-related symptoms for some and not others, Bechtold says.
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